To promote Gaelic Games, Culture and lifelong participation in the County


That everyone has the opportunity to be welcomed, to take part in our games and culture, to participate fully, to grow and develop and to be inspired to keep a lifelong engagement with our association


  • Community
  • Identity
  • Inclusiveness
  • Respect
  • Amateur Status
  • Teamwork
  • Player Welfare



  • To improve the planning and evaluation of Coaching and Games in line with the Games Development Innovation & Insights Framework thus increasing the County’s Financial Allocation from Croke Park
  • Ensure all Clubs have a trained and active Referee
  • Establish a PR team to help prepare Programmes for Club games
  • Foster and maintain relationships with all local Media
  • Increase the number of Clubs playing Hurling at all grades
  • Ensure all Post Primary School participate in Gaelic Games
  • Establish a GAA for all Steering Group and launch GAA for all in all clubs Irish language Ambassadors to be appointed across all County Teams
  • Promote Diversity & Inclusion in all clubs and grow an anti-discrimination culture across the organisation


  • To complete the Cedral Conleth’s Park re-development
  • To continue with the ongoing development of Maguard Plus Hawkfield Center of Excellence Development
  • To increase and support the Clubs in the County receiving Sports Capital Grants
  • Establish and maintain a register of Club Properties and Trustees, encourage clubs to move to Corporate Trustee Model


  • To maintain annual turnover of €2.5m and keep accounts in the black for next 5 years
  • To increase Club Kildare membership
  • To continue to build sustainable relationships with the Corporate Sector in Kildare and beyond


  • To encourage all clubs to participate in the Club Training/Planning process
  • To develop a model which encourages all officers and committee members to engage in training & to maintain a register of that training
  • Encourage club participation in the Safe Club, Green Club and Wellbeing Initiatives
  • Encourage all clubs to continuously upskill mentors in both Coaching & Child Safeguarding
  • To encourage every Club to have an Irish Language Officer and be registered with the Joe McDonagh Foundation
  • Promote and grow the Hurling participation throughout the county


  • To support clubs in maximising recruitment of players/volunteers from the population
  • Ensure all rural clubs are able to field teams at Coiste na 0g level
  • To assist Urban Clubs in accessing & developing additional facilities
  • To improve communication between the Organisation and all Post Primary Schools including
  • To assist rural clubs in maintaining the links with their founding/traditional families in circumstances where they are unable to live in the locality


  • All Committees and Sub Committees to have clear Terms of Reference and structures
  • To ensure all committee members have an understanding of the Rules of the Association To foster a culture of delegation to help promote succession planning across Club & County committees
  • Ensure all Clubs participate in Youth Facilitator Certified Training
  • Recruit & train Youth Leaders across the Organisation
  • Develop Risk Registers across Clubs with annual Risk Assessments completed