February 20th, 2017

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Monday 20th February

Sean Hurley Steps Away from the Kildare Senior Football Set Up to Focus on his Hip Surgery Recovery

Seán Hurley has stepped away from the Kildare Senior Football Team to focus solely on his rehabilitation from his recent hip surgery. Although his recovery from the recent surgical procedure that took place back in Australia last November has been progressing relatively well, it is the number of small but related injuries that Seán has picked up in recent weeks that has encouraged him to take time fully away from the competitive and rigorous environment at intercounty level.

Kildare Senior Football Manager, Cian O’ Neill, commented that “This will allow Seán to focus solely on the health of his hip first and foremost before he considers his next step in terms of returning to play football at any level, not to mind at elite intercounty level. Seán has had a tough few years with various injuries, particularly in Australia during his time with Fremantle, and while it would have been fantastic for Seán and indeed for Kildare Football if his ‘return to play’ was immediate, this was never going to be the case. Unfortunately, his most recent hip surgery, and all the difficulties that are part of a rehabilitation programme following such a serious injury, have taken their toll on Seán and his body so the priority now has to be his basic health and functionality. This has been a very frustrating period for him as he has been trying to get back on the pitch and perform to the best of his abilities but several small setbacks (such as Achilles tendon and quad tightness) have delayed this full return to play as he has been pushing himself every week, particularly when he sees the great camaraderie in the squad and how well they are performing. Seán is still a very young man and has plenty of time to play football provided his body is healthy and allows him to do so. I look forward to chatting to him regularly in the coming weeks and months as he keeps me updated on his progress”.


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Date: 20th February 2017