December 22nd, 2020

The New Laochra Gael series begins on TG4 in January. Kildare’s Dermot Earley will feature in the 6th programme of the series on Thursday 11th February @ 9:30pm.

Below is a brief feature of the unique and extraordinary that Dermot will tell.

Named after his legendary father, Dermot was determined to make a name for himself. He did just that when he was at the heart of Kildare historic 1998 campaign while still in his teens. Sadly, that would be the highpoint of his football career. In the following years he suffered dreadful injuries, he fought a cancer battle, and in 2010 he was dealt a severe blow with the death of his father. Throughout it all Dermot continued to battle with determination and bravery for his county, and for his family.

Others to include on the series are:

Programme 1:   Kevin Cassidy, 9.30pm, Thursday 7th January

Programme 2:  Ryan O’Dwyer, 9.30pm, Thursday 14th January

Programme 3:  Thérèse Maher, 9.30pm, Thursday 21st January

Programme 4:  Shane Curran,  9.30pm, Thursday 28th January

Programme 5:  Johnny Pilkington, 9.30pm, Thursday 4th February


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