April 5th, 2022

Please support the Maynooth GAA County Players as they take part in  “Line Out For The Lilywhites” by walking 100km during Lent in support of all Kildare GAA teams.

Please show your support to the County player of your choice and DONATE on the link below.
Every donation, no matter how big or small is very much appreciated.
Maynooth Fundraising Link
Cathal McCabe https://www.idonate.ie/Kildareu20Hurling
Cian O’Neill https://www.idonate.ie/Kildareu20Hurling
Ciaran Flanagan https://www.idonate.ie/Kildareu20Hurling
Cormac Nolan https://www.idonate.ie/Kildareu20Hurling
Daniel O’Meara https://www.idonate.ie/Kildareu20Hurling
David Qualter https://www.idonate.ie/Kildareu20Hurling
Eoin Kelliher https://www.idonate.ie/Kildareu20Hurling
Matthew Eustace https://www.idonate.ie/Kildareu20Hurling
Conor O’ Grady https://www.idonate.ie/Kildareu17Hurling1
David Eustace https://www.idonate.ie/Kildareu17Hurling2
Niall Cullen https://www.idonate.ie/Kildareu17Hurling3
Paul O’ Dea https://www.idonate.ie/Kildareu17Hurling4
Mark Donnellan https://www.idonate.ie/MarkDonnellan
Neil Flynn https://www.idonate.ie/NeilFlynn
Cillian Geraghty https://www.idonate.ie/Kildareu17Football
Jack Egan https://www.idonate.ie/Kildareu17Football
Cathal McCabe https://www.idonate.ie/CathalMcCabe
Sean Bean https://www.idonate.ie/SeanBean
Micheal Hogan https://www.idonate.ie/MichelHogan
David Qualter

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Date: 05th April 2022