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DRAFT Fixtures – EMS Copiers Senior Football League Division 4 2022

By lorraineoconnor Mon 28th Feb

DRAFT Fixtures – EMS Copiers Senior Football League Division 4 2022
DRAFT Fixtures – EMS Copiers Senior Football League Division 4 2022
Round 1 in all four Senior Football League competitions will commence on Saturday, March 26th, at 17.00.

Dates for the remaining Rounds will be issued in due course.

Round 1 –

Rheban V Milltown

Grangenolvin V Kildangan

Rathcoffey V Athgarvan

Castlemitchell V Cappagh

Ballykelly V Ardclough

Straffan V Robertstown


Round 2 –

Milltown V Straffan

Robertstown V Ballykelly

Ardclough V Castlemitchell

Cappagh V Rathcoffey

Athgarvan V Grangenolvin

Kildangan V Rheban


Round 3 –

Rheban V Athgarvan

Kildangan V Milltown

Grangenolvin V Cappagh

Rathcoffey V Ardclough

Castlemitchell V Robertstown

Ballykelly V Straffan


Round 4 –

Athgarvan V Kildangan

Straffan V Castlemitchell

Robertstown V Rathcoffey

Ardclough V Grangenolvin

Cappagh V Rheban

Milltown V Ballykelly


Round 5 –

Milltown V Athgarvan

Rathcoffey V Straffan

Kildangan V Cappagh

Rheban V Ardclough

Grangenolvin V Robertstown

Castlemitchell V Ballykelly


Round 6 –

Straffan V Grangenolvin

Ballykelly V Rathcoffey

Milltown V Castlemitchell

Robertstown V Rheban

Ardclough V Kildangan

Cappagh V Athgarvan


Round 7 –

Rheban V Straffan

Athgarvan V Ardclough

Kildangan V Robertstown

Cappagh V Milltown

Grangenolvin V Ballykelly

Rathcoffey V Castlemitchell


Round 8 –

Rathcoffey V Milltown

Castlemitchell V Grangenolvin

Ballykelly V Rheban

Straffan V Kildangan

Robertstown V Athgarvan

Ardclough V Cappagh


Round 9 –

Grangenolvin V Rathcoffey

Cappagh V Robertstown

Athgarvan V Straffan

Kildangan V Ballykelly

Rheban V Castlemitchell

Milltown V Ardclough


Round 10 –

Rathcoffey V Rheban

Castlemitchell V Kildangan

Ballykelly V Athgarvan

Straffan V Cappagh

Grangenolvin V Milltown

Robertstown V Ardclough


Round 11 –

Cappagh V Ballykelly

Ardclough V Straffan

Robertstown V Milltown

Athgarvan V Castlemitchell

Kildangan V Rathcoffey

Rheban V Grangenolvin

By lorraineoconnor Mon 28th Feb

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