July 20th, 2018

Traffic Management Plan

Traffic Management Plan for Kildare-V-Galway on Sunday the 22nd of July 2018.


We are advising traffic to use the following routes.

Implemented by Gardai from 12:00hrs.


All Match traffic attending are advised to use the following routes.

  • Any traffic travelling from the M1, N2, N3 and N4 can travel via the M50 to the N7 (Dublin / Limerick Road). Traffic will travel from the N7 (Exit 12) onto Ballymany Roundabouts from there to designated parking under direction of Gardai on Point Duty.

  • Any traffic travelling from the South East (N9, N78, N80, and M9) are advised to travel via the Carlow or Athy routes through Kilcullen to Newbridge onto Ballymany roundabouts from there to designated parking.

  • Any traffic travelling from the South / South West are advised to travel via the N8, N7, M7 turning off at Newbridge exit (Exit 12) from there follow Garda direction to designated parking.

  • Any traffic travelling from travelling from South East are advised to travel via the N81 (Tullow / Blessington Rd) through Ballymore Eustace (R411) to Kilcullen onto Newbridge and the follow direction signage to designated parking.

  • Any match going traffic approaching Newbridge from the West and North of County Kildare, are advised to enter Newbridge along the (R445 Naas road) will be diverted into free parking spaces at Newbridge College Sports grounds (an 8-minutes’ walk from the grounds) under direction of Gardai on point duty.


Local Parking Arrangements for Kildare V Galway Match fixture:


The car park adjacent to St Conleths Park will be closed to parking on Sunday the 22.7.2018. This car park will be used as pre-ticket checking area, and containment area. Parking within the immediate area of St Conleths Park is limited in public areas.

Parking is Strictly prohibited on Liffey View, and Liffey Terrace Road Newbridge, (In use as a sterile Emergency Route).

Parking on Footpaths along Athgarvan Road is prohibited.

Parking on the footpath where such parking obstructs the free movement of pedestrians is prohibited and offenders will be prosecuted and towed away if necessary.

Parking is available at the following locations;

  • Newbridge College sports grounds accessed from Naas Road entrance under direction from AGS and match Stewarts.

  • Parking will also be available at the Whitewater and Courtyard Shopping Complexs.

This is an all ticket match and only fans with tickets will be granted entry so please don’t show up without a ticket, and refusal will cause delays and may offend.

It is envisaged that many Galway fans will avail of rail transport with a train leaving Galway at 11am and due into Newbridge at 1pm.

As with the Kildare/Mayo match all main traffic points will be manned by Gardai during this event.

No vehicular traffic will be permitted on Main Street Newbridge for a period 10 minutes prior to the finish of the game and 15 minutes after the finish. This is to ensure a safe passage for all fans exiting after the match.

Inbound vehicular traffic from Naas will be diverted at Liffey bridge onto the Athgarvan Road or Canning Place.

Likewise, inbound traffic from Ballymany will be diverted at Woodies onto the Athgarvan Road.

Michael J Croke SGT.

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