Hawkfield Development Details

 Hawkfield is Kildare G.A.A.’s new €3.5 Million Centre of Excellence / Training Centre, situated on the outskirts of Newbridge that will be the engine to drive our organisation in the coming decades.  Once completed, the Hawkfield Centre of Excellence will provide the following facilities to our county and club teams:

  1. Three sand based engineered playing pitches complete with irrigation sytem;
  2. One pitch will be completed with fencing enclosure and viewing stand;
  3. One fibrous sand training area for sprint, strength and stamina work as well as ball work;
  4. One gravel raft engineered pitch complete with pop up irrigation system;
  5. All pitches and training area will be floodlit with lux levels varying from 250lux to 500lux;
  6. New club house facility complete with:
  • Four dressing rooms with showers;
  • Reception area;
  • Office space;
  • Kitchen and dining area;
  • Gym area;
  • Physiotherapy room;
  • Referees room.

The current programme for completion of the Centre of Excellence is early 2011 and updates, including progress photographs will be uploaded monthly.



Figure 1: Plan Image of Hawkfield Centre of Excellence


Figure 2: Image of new Club House